Welcome to Davidson Wellness and Weight Loss Consulting.  

We offer a holistic approach to better nutrition and wellness by partnering with one of the world's best superfood programs. Our system has shown proven results for over 15 years by addressing two important issues that no other "diets" do-Nutritional Deficiency and Environmental Toxicity.  

Studies show that our results are better than even the "heart healthy" diet for weight loss and MAINTAINED weight loss.  

We provide you with a system that is safe and effective at improving overall health and wellness, as well as many other benefits such as fat loss, building lean muscle, increased energy and stamina, reduced stress, and healthy aging.*  

We offer systems to fit every goal and lifestyle. 

It's easy to get started on your new health journey.  

1.Contact us for a free consultation

2.We will assist you in deciding on your first 30-day system based on your individual health/fitness goals.

3. We assist you in the purchase of your superfood nutrition and provide you with a daily schedule, approved foods etc. before you begin

4. You will receive FREE nutritional coaching and support as you begin your new healthy lifestyle.   


The only cost to you is your superfood nutrition.  Prices are usually less than your current grocery and meal budget.


Coaching and support is absolutely free. 

Ask us how you can get your holistic groceries for FREE!  






"This system is easy and enjoyable. I feel great!  I feel the way I always wanted to feel, but didn't think was possible. I have the energy and confidence to be the wife and mother I always wanted to be."     -Barbara Jean 34  

                       16 week results              

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